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YBC Music CDs

YBC Music CDs are available here to purchase!  A $15 donation is requested.


Change…Make a Difference

Performed by our YBC Choir, this CD is collection of uplifting songs of worship. You will find yourself singing along to the song lyrics – several of which were written by Angela Gaddis.

Track Listing
  1. YBC Is a Ministry
  2. Heavenly Celebration
  3. All in My Heart
  4. Lord Be Glorified  

  5. The Incredible Word   

  6. Amazing Grace
  7. Jesus Loves the Little Children  

  8. In Its Own Time
  9. All Things Through Christ
  10. Change… Make a Difference

Requested Donation $15



Wherever you are and whatever you are going through this music will meet you there. There is a story behind each of these songs. Only one of the songs on this CD has previously been professionally recorded (I Go To The Rock). The rest are original works by Angela Gaddis or local artists from the Dallas area.

Track Listing
  1. You Are
  2. Here We Are Again
  3. The Grace That Suits My Soul  

  4. I Go to the Rock  

  5. In Jesus’ Name
  6. Comes a Time
  7. Love, Wherever You Go
  8. United We Stand
  9. Finally  

Requested Donation $15